You have stumbled unto my little sanctuary
Whether it was intentional or by pure coincidence it doesn't matter
I just hope you have a nice time here.

This website is just a collection of things I like, slices of life and pretty things.
It serves as a creative outlet, a journal as well as a space to practice my coding.

Why "maple dreamscape"? It's pretty simple, really: I'm Canadian, hence why the association with maple, and I like losing myself in my dreams at night and just wander around those clear yet formless universes that my brain creates. I just needed a name for this place and this was easy ehough to think of.


04/01/2022 New log entry, about page changes
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26/11/2021 Added gallery page, log entry #2 and other small things/fixes
18/10/2021 Added log page, log entry #1 and small fixes
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17/09/2021 The dreamscape hit the www!